Shabu-Shabu, Sushi, Tempura and else.
All you can eat genuine Japanese cuisine!
(and even a dessert!)

Shabu-Shabu is

What’s ’Shabu-Shabu’

One of the typical Japanese beef cuisine like Yakiniku and Sukiyaki.
A hot pot dish to enjoy thinly sliced beef with ingredients like vegetables and Tofu that cooked quickly in simmering broth at your table, and then dipped into sauce right before eating. By quickly cooking meat, it will get rid of the extra oil, so that you can enjoy the original and savory taste of meat in a healthy way.


all you can eat

Please enjoy variations of our ingredients starting from beef, selected pork loin and back ribs, and chicken, to fresh vegetables and noodles.

Please enjoy the all you can eat in the private Japanese style room.The room could be chosen from legless chair seat, and the ordinary table seat.

Not only Shabu Shabu, but also serving about 65 kinds of Washoku dishes such as Sushi, Tempura, and Kushiage.

Please choose a favorite one for the course dessert.




  • Please make sure to cook the meat thoroughly before you eat.
  • Please refrain from ordering more than you can eat.
  • An additional fee may be charged for leaving unfinished food.
  • Please refrain from taking leftovers out.
  • The seasonal changes on using ingredients may occur.
  • “The all you can eat buffet order is for 120 minutes.
    The last call for additional dishes is 30 minutes prior to the 120 minute time limit.”
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at extra cost.
  • Please note that your seating may be placed at the first floor dining room when the private rooms are not available.
  • Only the credit cards indicated below may be accepted.